2018 Julian, California Summer Announcements


Hello friends... our Saturday breakfast buffet usually has a pancake component to accompany the feast that Chef Doris prepares for our guests. One of these are almost gluten-free and is named after Darrell’s mother,” Nell’s Pancakes.” These delicate crepe-like pancakes always follow the arrival of fresh strawberries. Strawberries signal the return of spring and the knowledge that summer is around the corner.

For Julian, summer is our social season. Wash off the patio furniture, pull the weeds from the garden, feed the roses and start planning your menus. The Fourth of July Parade and the American Legion Deep Pit Bar-B-Que open the season. Last year, one of our guests, with some trepidation, accepted an invitation to set their folding chairs out on the road the night before the parade to secure a coveted curb side view. Much to their surprise (not mine) they were still there the next morning. There are not words to describe this parade, or this day. Bring your hat, and your chair and find your own words. First, you’ll have to blow your nose and dry the happy tears. 

- Pat