Thunder Showers

Last week, an expecting young guest called inquiring if the forecasted thunder shower was anything he should be concerned about? His visit to Orchard Hill was to be a post honeymoon romantic getaway. It didn’t take long to know that this devoted new husband was a meticulous planner and that my making light of the pending weather event was not going to satisfy his sense of obligation to care for his bride...

Summer Solstice

For me there is a sense of mythos associated with the calendar event called Summer Solstice. Stonehenge and Camelot come to mind as do long haired maidens dressed in flowing robes that dance under moonlit skies hoping to lure the Gods who rule nature’s bounty to be generous...

The Christmas Tree

When guests walk into our lodge, they often wonder why we have a Christmas tree displayed all year long in our Great Room. Well, we'd wonder the same thing. The following is an article published in 1972 about this iconic Orchard Hill tree. - Pat and Darrell

Welcome to Notes from Darrell and Pat

From Darrell… The above picture was taken on my annual pilgrimage to the EAA Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. If it looks like Pat and I could be flying first class with all that leg room and the big eye level curtained window, you’re right. What you can’t see is that we’re traveling in a 70-year-old Douglas DC-3 passenger airliner. All this comfort — plus I get a couple of flight time hours as co-pilot... From Pat… This may be a good time (the launching of our fourth website) to tell our story. I could be shooting myself in the foot as we usually respond to inquiring guests that they would have to return many times for this chapter to be revealed...