Fall Happenings in Julian

Fall Happenings in Julian

Dear friends,
After a concerning call from my younger sister Linda, Darrell suggested that perhaps a “road trip” might be in order.

Linda lives in St. George, Utah. Timing could not have been better at the Inn and we began to discuss places we have been and might like to revisit. I called our pilot friend in Montana (who still flies a P51 out of Ramona) who was on the mend, recovering nicely from cancer treatment. I caught Christine, our friend in Idaho, at the hair salon and she was delighted at the prospect of us dropping by. The road trip had taken form! Crater Lake appeared possible as did Mendocino and Big Sur. Yippee. According to our vintage Atlas, (how does one plan a trip on a GPS?) we could, within a very few days be like Willie…on the road again.

Since our “D” Day trip to Europe in June, I have been managing a double torn meniscus in my left knee—hopefully the last wound inflicted on the beaches in Normandy. Consequently, moving about for a while was given high priority to keep up the good work begun by our amazing Julian physical therapist, Matt. This painful event was now a blessing, a credible reason to justify requesting a slower pace on Darrell’s lead footed driving! His long range driving is usually a race to best the ETA established by the GPS. Not this time.

I’m very interested in knowing anything about where this year has gone. The Grinch can have Christmas, just give me back March through August...where did it go? Who took those precious months and where was I? Did I suffer a coma as well as my knee injury? Darrell says it’s like a roll of TP, “the smaller the roll, the faster it goes.” That’s good…OK, funny. But, not quite deep enough for me. Help me out here.

We have one room left for Thanksgiving, however, we still have some seats available for dinner for guests and family. New Years is still looking like it’s four months away...I love our New Years. Slowly approaching: great seafood, fabulous DJ with all my favorite music. I’m pacing myself.



Wine Class

Lili Dierenfield, our Certificated Wine Cellar Master will be conducting classes each Saturday at 2 pm. Sign up when you check in! Cost is $20.00 per couple.


Seventy-Six Trombones

Grab your big brass horn and join the parade, the Music Man is in town for the next two weeks. The reviews are terrific and with the Kinney’s in charge I can safely promise you’ll be sporting a mile wide smile. For advance tickets: email: kinpro52@msn.com or call: 760-765-1618.


with Astronomer Doug Sollosy

Join the Julian Dark Sky Network for an October Sky Party at Orchard Hill Inn. We’ll have one last look at the Milky Way, our beautiful galactic home, resplendent in binoculars and telescope. We’ll take a look in Sagittarius and say a fond goodbye to the Lagoon Nebula and Wild Duck Star Cluster as they move towards the western horizon. Haven’t ever looked at Jupiter’s four Galilean moons? Join us and see those Jovian satellites that shook the world four centuries ago! We’ll stop at Saturn and take in its iconic rings. Turning to the east you’ll learn how to find, with binoculars and telescope, the great Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest galactic neighbor, as well as the spectacular Double Cluster in Perseus, and the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) Cluster, all of which are just stepping on to the celestial stage for Fall and Winter. 

Bring warm clothes, we’ll be outside in the crisp autumn air! 

Saturday, October 19th at 7:30 pm.