Let’s begin 2021 with love and flowers! - Valentine's Dinner

Let’s begin 2021 with love and flowers! - Valentine's Dinner

chocolate strawberriesDear friends...

Valentine’s Day has always been special at Orchard Hill. I give the lion’s share of the credit for this to Doris, our Chef. Give her a huge block of chocolate and there is no stopping her. Chocolate covered strawberries, grenache, mousse, decadent this, double and triple that.

Valentine's dinner will be served both on Saturday, Feb 13th and the “big day,” Sunday, February 14th. Each will feature Doris’ creations…added to the chocolate, fresh made rose flavored ice cream with ribbons of chocolate on top and a truffle on the side. We’ll have the EMT’s on standby.

Our website has the complete menu and the cost of this delectable package is $70.00/pp plus 30% gratuity. Taxes, spirits and your room for two nights, not included. Lest I forget – chocolate covered strawberries delivered to your room accompanied with a bottle of champagne will set the pace for the release of Doris’s chocolate extravaganza.

Pat and Darrell



March 20 and 21st, 12 – 5 PM, Town Hall

I didn’t know much about Covid19 last year at this time, but when dear Sally Snipes, the founder and driving force behind the literally thousands of daffodils growing in the Julian area came through the door and said, “We must cancel the Daffodil Show,” I knew something serious was up. “What??”

Julian is Shangri-la... little touches us. Kissed by angels, blessed by the Gods, our air is pure and our sky is brilliant blue. What could penetrate all this naturalness and of all things, cancel the Daffodil Show? All too soon we found out and it has been a different world since.

Sally showed up at the door the other day with the familiar yellow sheets we all associate with the Daffodil Show waving in her hands. “We’re having the Daffodil Show and no-one is going to cancel this one.”

I believe everything Sally says. Thirty years ago when we moved to Julian and I had my first Sally encounter, she advised me to always cut my hair on a full moon. I wouldn’t think of not doing this. Why, I don’t know, but it leaves me with something she and I can discuss in the future.

The daffodil show is one of the best things Julian does. All generations participate. This is a judged show and is sanctioned by all that is holy in the world of daffodils.


P.S. Following the emergence of the daffodils, April is the time of the year when lilacs grace us with their beauty.

Borrego Wildflower Hotline: 760.767.4684


Covid Mask


Orchard Hill continues to refine our approach to implementing all County Covid protocols. To date none of our staff have tested positive, I’m extremely proud of them. Presently, we serve both breakfast and dinner to your room. It’s OK, but I don’t like it.

Darrell and I plan to get the vaccination as soon as it is available to us. We think this may occur in another couple of weeks or so. Please get yours and let’s get this nightmare behind us so we can eat together in the dining room once again and toast our good fortune with a glass of La Serenissima wine.