Projects = Dangerous Territory


It began smoothly. We were having our morning coffee discussing what, if anything, we were each thinking regarding upgrades to the Inn. The lack of rainfall and the migration of deer onto our grounds mandated that planting a less appetizing groundcover was a good place to begin. Easy enough. Agreeably, on we went. I expressed that I would like to consider a beverage station with something to provide ice and fridge space on each floor of the lodge. “Like what?” Darrell replied. There was “that” tone... I was walking the plank—dump the subject or talk fast.  “Oh you know,” a cabinet with an under-counter fridge, one of those new pod coffee makers.  Something to give the guests a more independent experience. With every word I lost ground, the sharks were circling below. I heard “tacky” & “Mickey Mouse”...those are fighting words in our house. He casually offered up “Why couldn’t we just re-configure the stairwell porch area?” I could envision it immediately and it was a brilliant plan: creative, yet very functional. If done right, yes, expensive but over-the-top classy and… it was his idea! 

This picture is worth an additional thousand words that I might come up with.