Rooms freshened up and menu update!


We are only the third month into this year but I am ready to declare this a very good year in the making.

Coming off an incredible Holiday season, I was prepared to open up the books and get ready for tax time. Darrell had another idea, and a project in mind. As a result, our already much-in-demand Penthouse can be labeled a huge success.

Several additional rooms have been freshened up and we are off and running, energized and waiting for you to walk through the door.  

Last year I made a note that perhaps it was time to consider opening the Inn for Easter Sunday.

Toward that end, I asked Chef Doris for a menu…what do you think?


Bourbon glazed ham with honey mustard
Grilled lamb with mint chutney

Thyme and rosemary potatoes au gratin

Brussel sprouts with caramelized onion

Orchard Hill carrots with spring peas

Spring asparagus, grilled and marinated

Best EVER carrot cake

Fresh fruit tarts