Something extra-special for Valentine's Day

Something extra-special for Valentine's Day

Dear friends,

I don’t think it’s necessarily being boastful to declare that after twenty-five years of Orchard Hill ownership, we do some things just about perfectly. Sure, we may still tweak this or that, but in the main, Thanksgiving and our New Year’s celebrations remain as good as it can get for our particular venue. 

I do wish though that we could add fireworks to New Year’s… just a few. I love fireworks. When we’re on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, it is not unusual to view fireworks a couple nights in a week. Some are far up the coast, and it is still exciting. This year, for reasons undetermined, a small rowboat set off a wonderful display right below our charming little seaside Villa. Of course, I KNOW that we can never have New Year’s fireworks in Julian, but even at this very moment I get excited at the prospects. Our guests were treated to snow this past New Year, I got the impression they were as excited as I would have been had it been fireworks. It was quite a sight – the doors flew open and out each couple danced onto the new fallen snow.

Back to earth now and thinking about Valentine’s Day, here is what we have in mind:

Valentine’s Day and Dining

Thursday, February 14th
❤ Arrive to your room, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries will be waiting for your early check-in! 
(12:30 – 3pm)
❤ Hors’doeuvres at the regular appointed hour.
❤ $175.00 per couple
Exclusive of gratuity, spirits and, of course, your room.
❤ No fireworks; entertain one another… bring body paints!
Cleaning charge additional ;)

Dinner Menu

Caviar Served on Crispy Hash Browns
Fresh Roasted Rustic Tomato Soup
with Chef’s Unforgettable Croutons
Orchard Hill’s Nearly Perfect Signature Salad
Garden-grown Lemon Verbena Sorbet
Crab Cake with Remoulade Sauce
Grilled Lamb or Brandt’s Tenderloin of Beef
      (or a small portion of both)
Chocolate, Cheese Tray with 
Shadow Mountain Dessert Wine

Now, if that is not enough to get your juices flowing, two additional items to think about: 


We have had wonderful rains this year and so has the desert! Yes, the prospect of a long running spring bloom appears to be a reality. 
Wildflower Hotline 760 767 4687


Any two night stay includes our superb picnic lunch for a day’s outing. This is a simply lovely lunch and the best thing…avoiding crowded eating places! 
Value $30.00 
Picnic Special Dates: 
February 19th through April 14th.



Daffodils are poking through the rich damp soil and I see buds emerging on the lilacs...