Spring in Julian...best time of year?


Every guest eventually will ask, “Who has the best pie in Julian?” For good reason, I don’t elaborate much, other than to say, they are all good – mostly because they are.

Everyone assumes without asking though, that Fall is, hands down, the best season Julian has to offer…not so. Ask any local – ask me – the answer will always be, “No, it is Spring.”

This year, Winter failed to come around and lend a helping hand with the needed rain and cold temps required by our vast variety of native perennials and annuals: daffodils, lilacs, and of course…apple trees. Given the lack of Mother Nature’s support, each plant and bulb dug in, culling out their required elements, and then quite miraculously sprung forth in an abundance of blossoms and transparent, almost stained-glass like green leaves. What an unexpected and spectacular show. One just has to laugh out loud at the pure audacity of each brave bush and tree, the bulbs by the thousands, and the delicate meadow flowers who managed to show up in full dress for the seasonal spectacle with the happy name, Spring. 

I believe that the best local events that go on in town are also held at this time of year: Sips and Taste of Julian, Blues Bash, Banjo Fiddle Camp, Wildflower Show, Julian Arts Guild Show, The Quilt Show, not to mention the Star Festival! And do arrange a visit to the Wolf Center.

More information on these fine activities can be had through the Julian Chamber of Commerce. www.VisitJulian.com.