Julian's Annual StarFest

Each year, Julian hosts a stargazing festival with astronomers guiding visitors.  You can take this star tour using the many telescopes set-up in the viewing area.  Experts will be on hand to answer questions about what your looking at and about the telescopes. 

Julian StarFest

Mount Laguna Observatory (SDSU)

Mount Laguna Observatory (MLO) is at an elevation of 6,100 ft. on the remote eastern edge in the Laguna Mountains. MLO is well protected from the urban lighting of the San Diego metropolitan area. This remoteness, along with the high percentage of clear nights and excellent seeing, makes Mount Laguna one of the best overall observatory sites in the continental United States. MLO has grown to include four well-equipped telescopes, ranging in size from 21- to 50-inches (0.5- to 1.25-meters), which are used for research by the faculty and students. 


Observer's Inn

We highly recommend stargazing at the Observer’s Inn, just one mile from Orchard Hill.  While the Observer’s Inn is a small bed and breakfast, the owner, Mike, is also an astronomer who guides three powerful telescopes for your viewing.  This is truly a special experience with an incredible astronomer and we highly recommend it.  Advanced reservations are required.  


Palomar Observatory

The Palomar Observatory is located approximately 45 minutes from Julian. It is a world-class center of astronomical research that is owned and operated by the California Institute of Technology.  The observatory is home to five telescopes that are nightly used for a wide variety of astronomical research programs.  The Observatory is open to the public daily (except December 24 and 25) for daytime visits.

Palomar Observatory