Thunder Showers


Last week, an expecting young guest called inquiring if the forecasted thunder shower was anything he should be concerned about?  His visit to Orchard Hill was to be a post honeymoon romantic getaway.  It didn’t take long to know that this devoted new husband was a meticulous planner and that my making light of the pending weather event was not going to satisfy his sense of obligation to care for his bride. 

I told him that most people find thunder showers fun, and that a few overhead clouds duking-it-out were downright thrilling, nature at its best.  He pressed on and it seemed appropriate to remind him of our cancellation policy and that it would be rather costly to call everything off.   I suggested throwing an umbrella in the trunk and toss caution out the car window once they got on the 215.  He said they would arrive in time for hors d’oeuvres. 

As planned, just as the crudities and ratatouille were placed, in walked our celebrating newlyweds, more than slightly wet. They were laughing and I jokingly chided him about his abundance of concern.  They thought a glass of wine was in order.  They were exquisitely dear and I thought of what great parents they would be some day.

Other guests expressed wishing to dance in the streets of Julian as the huge bellowing clouds released their precious contents.  I wondered if anyone had been tempted to do a Gene Kelly dance routine, stomping and splashing in the water puddles exuberantly celebrating the joy and appreciation that comes from recognizing our dependence upon nature for life’s most essential element.

No one seemed to know who Gene Kelly was!  I decided to get a glass of wine and walk on the porch and breathe in the incredible air and keep my thoughts to myself.


PS  I received my very first traffic ticket last month for speeding.  Drive with caution and watch for lurking black and whites.  Take my word for it  — a sense of humor is not a CHP requirement for employment.