We are all in this Together

We are all in this Together

Dear friends,

Everyone is doing well at Orchard Hill, our family, our staff, and in fact, the whole of Julian is ready to explode with pent up energy. It’s Spring…we have work to do! Gardens must be planted, weeds pulled, grass whipped down to size. Take my word for it, the daffodils were dazzling last month and just as they bowed out, in waltzed the lilacs, apple trees blossomed and patches of wild flowers dotted the meadows with striking beauty. Believe it or not, there is still some of all of this to see for yourself. Darrell and I took a small road trip down through the desert this week and I have never seen the Ocotillo so abundant. The flower stalks from this graceful plant created a red haze that floated above the green carpeted sandy floor. The desert did well by the late spring rains.

The Back Country is Natures reminder in a Hallmark setting that life is beautiful. Enough of this Sci-fi thriller that we each had a bit part to play. We have justly been reminded of our childhood lessons to wash our hands real good, cover our mouth when we cough and now we will add to keep our distance and wear a damn mask! Whatever it takes to show compassion and respect for our fellow man, woman, child and beast. ANYTHING, to stroll outdoors and onto the patios of friends & family, into a coffee shop, a restaurant or winery. We are ready, and we will continue to practice the rules of engagement to ward off Corvid-19 for as long as it takes. 

Orchard Hill is ready too. We have always been germophobic, thanks to Chef Doris and now we have added to that temperature taking, gloved hand service and check-ins, the ubiquitous masks, hand sanitizers, packaged snacks, attention to spacing and additional room service. The County DEH dubbed our plan as “Responsible Compassion.” Over and over I hear “the new normal,” I sincerely hope not. 

Officially we are planning to reopen Thursday, May 14th.

We will use our extensive decks and porches to maintain Social Distancing and limit the use of some lodge rooms to avoid crowding. I so appreciate having our five acres, extensive buildings and spacious public areas. YEP, WE’VE GOT THIS!

- Pat


Thank you!

To all First Responders and those in the Medical Fields who got us to this point:

Complimentary Dinner for two with a two nights stay.

Expires June 30th, 2020.



Monday through Friday:

A light supper of a delicious fresh made Chicken Pot Pie from Mom’s, spring salad, fresh made apple cake and a glass of our House Wine will be served in your room or on your porch.

Price: $27.00, plus tax & gratuity.

Saturday & Sunday:
Our traditional four-course dinner, weekly menu with seasonal offerings. Price $40.00 - $50.00, plus tax, gratuity & spirits. Safe distancing and Management’s tape measure rules!