Welcome to Notes from Darrell and Pat


From Darrell…

The above picture was taken on my annual pilgrimage to the EAA Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. If it looks like Pat and I could be flying first class with all that leg room and the big eye level curtained window, you’re right. What you can’t see is that we’re traveling in a 70-year-old Douglas DC-3 passenger airliner.  All this comfort — plus I get a couple of flight time hours as co-pilot.

My passion for planes and flying equals Pat’s for cooking and traveling and they blend together beautifully. Some of you experienced this first-hand when Orchard Hill organized a nostalgic DC-3 sightseeing champagne lunch flight that had fabulous reviews.

I wonder if it’s time to step back in time again.

From Pat….

This may be a good time (the launching of our fourth website) to tell our story.  I could be shooting myself in the foot as we usually respond to inquiring guests that they would have to return many times for this chapter to be revealed. 

Twenty-five years ago we were spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon watching Bill Moyers interview Joseph Campbell on Public Television.  They were discussing Campbell’s series, "Myths", and the topic was “following your bliss.” Wives are supposed to ask their husbands probing, crazy-making questions... this time it was Darrell’s turn and there ensued an off again/on again discussion that lasted for weeks. We both were approaching our mid-fifties and recognized that good health permitting; our best days could be ahead. We concluded that with some imagination and a whole lot of shaking and moving, we could effect a huge change in the course of our future.  At that time, we lived the fast-paced life of a corporate executive and a successful designer with two beautiful homes, several cars, investment property…way too much stuff.

Lists were reduced to a plan that for Darrell, was trading our on-the-beach lifestyle for a large parcel of private land and a John Deere tractor. For me, less of everything, and to be situated in a great environment surrounded by over-the-top natural beauty—and it would have to be in Southern California.  Above all, we wanted it so that whatever came our way would involve a creative process, and we would do it together.

The rest you know.