Wine List

San Diego is the birthplace of California’s world renown wines.
Our wines are earthy
with easily recognized herb, fruit, floral and citrus
notes that awaken and linger on the palate. 
Orchard Hill is proud and pleased to present this outstanding
selection of San Diego wines.
The variety of these nearby grown varietals is astounding.
Raise your glass to these creative and knowledgeable winemakers – and their wives!


Red Wine Selections

From smooth and fruity to bold and sophisticated you will find a selection to
Enhance any of our entrée’s

Bin   Glass Bottle
10 Carignan 2015, Volcan Mtn. Winery, Julian  
Subtle tannins; wide range of fruit flavors. Smooth; dependably enjoyable.
 A favorite of Pat’s.
$14 $35
15 Malbec 2014, Shadow Mtn. Winery, Warner Springs 
Rich full flavors; nice tannins; perfect with our Berkshire Pork or
other grilled meats.
N/A $34
Nebbiolo 2014, Shadow Mtn. Winery, Warner Springs
Italian; noble; light fruit; hints of rose and cherries; smooth
 Always a good choice with just about everything
$13 $34
25 Petite Sirah, Edwards Vineyard & Cellars, Witch Creek
A small, but outstanding winery with very disciplined and consistent results.
N/A $45
30  Syrah 2016, Julian Winery, Wynola
Award winning; high-elevation vineyard in Pine Hills. Cool nights and
warm days, ideal for this local sensation.
N/A $38
35 Sangiovese 2016, Orfila, San Pasqual Valley
Intriguing blend of blackberry, vanilla & cedar
N/A $36
40 Pinot Noir 2018, Volcan Mtn. Winery, Julian
Medal Winner - Estate grown. (Limited availability) A classic Pinot
Take home a bottle to put up for a special occasion.   
N/A $65
45 Multipulciano 2015, Fallbrook Winery 33°N
Huge, bold flavor – satisfying -elegant
N/A $65
50 BDX 2015, Fallbrook Winery 
Bordeaux style red blend, rich berry fruit.
N/A $46
House Wines

Bottled when the moon is waxing and the wind calm.

Organic and unfiltered, true, intense, natural. In two words: real wine


Red, Estate Blend, La Serenissima, Warner Springs

$9 $25
02 White, Pinot Grigio, La Serenissima, Warner Springs  $9 $25
White Wine Selections

Perhaps it is summer – like the French – add a little ice.

Other times – think of these lighter wines with seafood, salad or poultry.

Bin   Glass Bottle
55 Arneis 2017, La Serenissima, Warner Springs
A rare white varietal; estate grown; bright uplifting flavors.
A palate refresher.
N/A $34


Viognier 2017, Julian Winery, Wynola
Fruity, but dry; SS fermentation; perfect with fish or chicken.
$12 $30
65 Rose’ 2017, Julian Winery, Wynola
Local favorite (limited availability); fruity, but not sweet.
Refreshingly light.
N/A $38
70 Sauvignon Blanc, Volcan Mtn. Winery, Wynola
Exceptional example of this grape grown in Temecula.
 A crowd pleaser every time.
$10 $30
26 Chardonnay 2017, Volcan Mtn. Winery, Wynola 
Vibrant with hints of pineapple, apple and oak
$9 $26
Sparkling Wines
  Grand Cuvee, Sparkling Wine, Shadow Mtn., Warner Springs
Medium dry – Makes any occasion a celebration!
          Bubbles the French way.
N/A $28
  Christalino, split  (not local)  N/A $15
Aperitif/Dessert Wines
    Glass Bottle
  2016 Pommier, Estate and Julian Apples
This delightfully sweet wine is meant to be enjoyed as
 an after-dinner aperitif.
$7 $28
  Mystic Muscat, Shadow Mtn. Winery  
Pears & honey-wonderful with fruit and cheese.
$7 $25
  Port of Syrah, Shadow Mtn. Winery
Couples oh-so-well with chocolate and blue cheeses
$7 $25

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