Love is in the air at Orchard Hill!

Valentine’s Day is a pleasant, easy holiday... not meant for crowds. It’s made for two people who care for one another. There should be no hypertension involved here; a box of chocolates, flowers, a really great book, or a well-planned dinner. Either your place or a special place out, I guess like Orchard Hill.

We invite you to Julian for the Holidays!

It seems at this time of the year every conversation is bound to include a remark regarding the rapid passing of time. Yes, the year’s end is at hand and for me, good riddance. (Possibly more on that later). I’ll raise my glass high with an expletive, maybe two, and kiss 2022 adios!

Creating Memories at Orchard Hill

Hard to believe, but we are fast approaching 30 years as the proud innkeepers of Orchard Hill. Where does the time go?! Through these many years, each week has brought memories made, stories shared, and unexpected roads traveled down. The connections we’ve made here really do fill our hearts with joy and gratitude each day. We appreciate you sharing your time with us at Orchard Hill and making some of your memories happen here... Darrell and I believe special moments are the most important things in life...

Let’s begin 2021 with love and flowers! - Valentine's Dinner

Let’s begin 2021 with love and flowers!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us and say goodnight to 2020!

Dear guests... If the Grinch stole Christmas, I suppose that it would follow that Covid 19 is the culprit guilty of really messing with New Year's this year.

We are all in this Together

Everyone is doing well at Orchard Hill, our family, our staff, and in fact, the whole of Julian is ready to explode with pent up energy. It’s Spring…we have work to do!

Be careful what you ask for...

Hello friends... Be careful what you ask for… Thanks to the recent high winds and SDG&E, the Julian Group of fine citizens seeking Official Dark Night Sky status for our small town should have been in heaven, our skies were dark, naturally so.

Fall Happenings in Julian

Dear friends, After a concerning call from my younger sister Linda, Darrell suggested that perhaps a “road trip” might be in order. Linda lives in St. George, Utah. Timing could not have been better at the Inn and we began to discuss places we have been and might like to revisit. I called our pilot friend in Montana (who still flies a P51 out of Ramona) who was on the mend, recovering nicely from cancer treatment....

Spring is busting out all over…

Perhaps it follows that a “Super Bloom” would be the heralding of a “Super Spring.”...

Something extra-special for Valentine's Day

I don’t think it’s necessarily being boastful to declare that after twenty-five years of Orchard Hill ownership, we do some things just about perfectly. Sure, we may still tweak this or that, but in the main, Thanksgiving and our New Year’s celebrations remain as good as it can get for our particular venue...